What you can’t bring to the festival Prohibited and permitted items

Prohibited Items


Dangerous objects (knives, any type of weapon, chains, belts and/or pointy bracelets, among others); chairs of any type or shape, metal chains, suitcases, lanterns, lasers or flashlights; explosive and pyrotechnic material, firearms and bladed weapons; plastic bottles; all types of drinks; professional cameras/video; sound recorders; umbrellas, helmets and selfie sticks; glass objects (bottles, perfumes, among others); any object that can be thrown; food; skateboards; drones; narcotic drugs and other paraphernalia; pets (except guide dogs); syringes: items carrying xenophobic messages or messages supporting violence; other objects that by their nature or configuration may be considered dangerous or harmful.


Permitted items 


You may bring a small bag or backpack into the festival, but please do not bring large suitcases or bags. A cloakroom service is available at both Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night, for €3 per item. Payment exclusively via your SonarCashless wristband.