Wellbeing & harm reductionHelp us make Sónar Lisboa a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone

Wellbeing at Sónar Lisboa


At Sónar we’re committed to offering, each and every year, the best possible experience for all attendees, and our staff work to ensure that Sónar Lisboa is a safe, enjoyable experience for all attendees. To support us in this objective, we ask all attendees to bear the following in mind: 


  • Treat everyone at the festival with respect: from other attendees to the festival staff.
  • Respect the environment: Sónar Lisboa takes place within a public green space, be mindful of this when inside and outside the venue. 
  • Take care of yourself and others around you. If you feel unwell, please let one of our staff know.
  • If you’re subject to or witness any form of harassment or aggression, please inform one of our staff.
  • Some substances are stronger than others, ask for information at the Kosmicare stand (see below) if you’re concerned.
  • Stay hydrated: drink plenty of water.
  • Protect your eyes, ears and skin - wear sunglasses and sunscreen, and use earplugs. 
  • Take breaks and make sure to rest. 
  • Don’t forget to eat.
  • Agree on a place where you can meet your friends if you get separated.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Use public transport - remember that CARRIS are offering free bus rides to and from the festival on certain lines - check the ‘How to get there’ section.



Sónar Lisboa 2024 is working with Kosmicare to ensure a safer environment at this year’s festival. You can find Kosmicare near the main entrance at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes.


Kosmicare (www.kosmicare.org) creates safer spaces in festivals and nightlife environments. They offer evidence-based non-judgemental information and services to increase the safety and care for people who use drugs at parties and festivals.


Inspired by harm reduction, social justice and public health principles, Kosmicare aims to minimise negative health, social and legal consequences associated with drug use.


At Sónar Lisboa 2024, Kosmicare will set up its InfoHub, providing a safer space to talk about drugs, sex and consent. Drug checking will also be available for people who want to find out the chemical composition of their drugs and get specialised advice about them.


Zero tolerance for harassment

Sónar aims to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees throughout the festival, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or background.


If you witness or are subject to any form of aggression or inappropriate behaviour, whether physical or verbal, please let one of our staff know.


We ask everyone at the festival to behave in a respectful manner towards other attendees and our staff, in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.