Food & Drink at Sónar Lisboa 2024
Vegetarian, vegan, non-alcoholic and gluten-free options available 

There’ll be a wide range of food available at Sónar Lisboa 2024, suitable for all tastes and dietary requirements. In the food court you’ll find dishes from around the world made with fresh, natural ingredients. There are also plenty of 100% plant-based options.


This year the food court has been moved to a shady, forested area, creating a more pleasant environment where you can eat and relax.


Sónar Lisboa offers food for all tastes and dietary requirements:

Truck 33: Tasty and juicy burgers


Veggie Lovers: Vegan burgers


Ao Ataco: Mexican food with vegan options


Ganso’s: 100% gluten-free empanadas and arepas, with vegan options


La Boca: Hotdogs, steaks 


Sprizzami: Sourdough pizzas


In the VIP area you’ll also find Koo Koo, whose fresh, unfussy menu features crispy fried chicken and crispy cauliflower.


The official beer of Sónar Lisboa 2024 is Estrella Damm. Gluten-free and non-alcoholic varieties will also be on sale at the bars.


Phunk’s hard seltzers combine refreshing flavours, low calories and an alcohol content of 4.5% vol. for a lighter option. They’re also entirely gluten-free. 

Jameson blended whiskey will be available at all bars. You’ll also be able to purchase ready-mixed cans of Jameson with Ginger & Lime. Jameson Black Barrel premium whiskey will also be on sale. 


You can also enjoy the festival while savouring a glass of Quinta da Pôpa wine (red, rosé or white).


The first time you order a drink you’ll need to purchase your Sónar Lisboa 2024 cup at any bar for €1. Keep hold of your cup throughout the festival, and return it to the bar whenever you want to replace it.