Wata Igarashi liveMusic
Saturday 2318:25 - 19:25
SonarPark by Carhartt WIP
Cerebral and physical music that goes beyond techno

Japanese producer Wata Igarashi makes music which is equal parts cerebral and physical, psychedelic techno that sounds both precision-engineered and entirely organic. These days his sound, perfected over releases on labels like The Bunker NYMidgar and his own WIP imprint, has expanded beyond deep techno. His most recent album Agartha, released on Kompakt, finds him tapping into 70s psychedelia - the repetitive pulse of Neu! and Can - and even Miles Davis-style freeform jazz. After an imperious performance at Sónar 2023 this year (listen back to the recording here), expect a seriously potent live set at Sónar Lisboa in 2024.