Tiga & Hudson Mohawke present 'Love Minus Zero'Music
Friday 2201:25 - 02:25
SonarClub by Estrella Damm
Hardcore romance and rave recollections

4 years in the making, Tiga and Hudson Mohawke’s collaborative album, L’Ecstasy is finally set for release this year, and to celebrate, they’re bringing the live show to Sónar Lisboa 2024. Documenting their concept of ‘hardcore romance’, which they describe as a “liminal state where the bounds between euphoria, melancholy and the raw power of friendship disintegrate completely”, they’ve prepared sixteen tracks that reconfigure their own recollections of raving. A journey through the sounds of a night out, where technicolour trance meets 4am deep house, and blissed out hardcore tracks combine with heartfelt vocal jams. Live, expect them to send every drop of blood rushing to your head.