Rui VargasMusic
Saturday 2316:20 - 17:50
SonarVillage by Repsol
The godfather of Portuguese electronic music

You can’t tell the story of electronic music in Portugal without a chapter on Rui Vargas. In 1988, as techno and house exploded across Europe, he started DJing in a sweatbox of a club called Frágil, where he was one of the first to bring electronic music to Lisbon’s club scene. He continues to shape the country’s electronic music culture in multiple ways: he’s the lead programmer for Lisbon’s flagship club Lux Frágil, its longest standing resident, and a venerated radio host. A DJ with an encyclopaedic knowledge of dance music history (having lived much of  it firsthand), he still maintains an insatiable appetite for new music. Expect a hypnotic, classy session that draws on three decades of house from all corners of the world, breakbeat, acid and even a dash of goa trance.