Mona Yim DJ set Music
Saturday 2317:20 - 18:45
SonarClub by Estrella Damm
Tech-house, two-step, and hyperpop from a rising star

German-Chinese musician, producer and DJ Mona Yim is nothing if not versatile. Her breakout track ‘Gotta Do This, Gurl’  was a classic slice of throwback tech house, but she’s recently shown a taste for more futuristic sounds: check out the infectious hyperpop/club hybrid ‘Thinkin of U’, recorded with Memphis LK. Her DJ sets move between both spaces - from bubbling two-step and pitched up vocals to bumping, deep, emotional house music. Her mixing belies her musical education: perfectly pitched selections and impeccable technique. Come catch one of electronic music’s future stars at Sónar Lisboa 2024.