Ikram Bouloum b2b Odete
Saturday 23
Geographically-diverse, experimental club music

Barcelona meets Lisbon with a back-to-back set from a pair of cultural agitators. Ikram Bouloum is a Spanish artist of Moroccan descent, active throughout Barcelona’s cultural scene since moving to the city over a decade ago. A DJ, producer and singer/songwriter, she mixes electronic and dance music from around the world, with a strong scent of the Maghreb - her acclaimed debut EP Ha-bb5 was sung in a mixture of Amazigh, English and Catalan. Multidisciplinary queer artist Odete was born in Porto, but has been a vital member of the Lisbon underground for a number of years. Her work spans writing, music, performance and visual arts: her sets include everything from animé soundtracks to latin rhythms, hard techno and pitched-up pop edits. Expect an experimental set of geographically-diverse club music from this duo.