Dresden (Ivan Smagghe & Manfredas)Music
Saturday 2319:20 - 21:00
SonarVillage by Repsol
Slow-burning psychedelic dance music

Dresden is the name that veteran DJs and long-time friends Manfredas and Ivan Smagghe came up with to describe a series of parties they organise between Vilnius, London and anywhere ‘where they feel it is right’. Over the past ten years Manfredas has helped put Lithuania on the map as a nightlife destination, as resident DJ and booker at Opium (“which might just be the best club in the world” - that you’ve never heard of). It was there 10 years ago that he met London-based Frenchman Smagghe (at that time a frequent collaborator with the late, great Andrew Weatherall). One thing led to another and Smagghe started a label - Les Disques De La Mort - to release the pen drive full of chuggy, psychedelic tracks that Manfredas gave him that night. Fast forward to today and the pair are inseparable, sharing a taste for the most unorthodox and lysergic corners of dance music, as well as a wry, arch sense of humour. At Sónar Lisboa 2024, expect a slow-burning session full of wonky, off-kilter, and trance-inducing dance music.