Conferência Inferno
Saturday 23
Anguished, restless new wave

In 2018 in Porto, Raul Mendiratta and Francisco Lima decided to sketch out some songs for a band with a darkwave aesthetic - those were the first tracks written for Conferência Inferno. Joined on keyboards by their sometime sound technician, José Miguel Silva, they toured extensively, playing bars and festivals around Portugal. In early 2021, a debut LP, Ata Saturna, followed on the renowned underground label Lovers & Lollypops label. Two years later, the band released their second LP, Pós-Esmeralda, expanding their sound and reflecting the trio's evolution towards a more colourful, new wave influenced sound, without abandoning their post-punk roots. Anguished lyrics, social criticism, the sound of despondent restlessness in the face of a world gone mad. Come dance to their rhythmic new wave at Sónar Lisboa 2024.