Sunday 24
A Portuguese legend returns to Sónar Lisboa

A founding member of legendary group Buraka Som Sistema, João Barbosa aka Branko is one of the most important names in Portuguese electronic music. Hailing from Amadora, a suburb of Lisbon, he’s dedicated his life to promoting the intercultural mix of music that surrounded him growing up - from kuduro to afro house and from kizomba to baile funk.  Since Buraka Som Sistema’s dissolution in 2016, he's continued this work via solo releases and his label Enchufada, working to reshape electronic music and bring sounds from the global lusophone diaspora to light. At Sónar Lisboa 2024, he’ll curate a special Enchufada showcase of emerging artists from Portugal, Angola and Brazil, and perform a new live set based on his forthcoming 2024 album, his fourth solo release. Expect a cross-cultural blend of dance music, guaranteed to make you sweat.