2manydjs invite Éclair Fifi & Erol AlkanMusic
Saturday 2302:25 - 04:25
SonarClub by Estrella Damm
And now for something you’ve never seen before… again

The Dewaele Brothers have made their career out of never standing still for too long. It’s why no 2manydjs set is ever the same, but even by their standards, this one promises to be especially memorable. After inviting Peach and Tiga to Sónar 2023 in Barcelona last summer, the Dewaele brothers will be joined by Glasgow firebrand Éclair Fifi and Bugged Out veteran Erol Alkan in the booth at Sónar Lisboa 2024, for a wild set that promises to be equal parts eclectic and euphoric. A pair of DJs who share the Belgians’ deep knowledge of (dance) music, as well as their offbeat humour and playful mixing style, this promises to be a match made in heaven. This is a party you won’t want to miss.