Dianna De Brito is a modern renaissance woman. A faucet of self- expression and a powerhouse of talent, her art spans modes of creation: she is a singer, songwriter, fashion mogul, and 21st-century visionary leaking her ingenious into global stardom.

A connoisseur of many talents, Dianna most commonly goes by her stage name IAMDDB.

Inspired by her influences from her Portuguese and Angolan heritage. She is wildly personable, unfiltered and a self-assured musician. Her subject matter in her music is a strong reflection on her core values of; female advocacy, positivity, spirituality, wellness and cut throat realism.

IAMDDB has fronted campaigns for Mulberry, Browns, Moncler and Tommy Hilfiger. She has also been featured in leading publications British Vogue, Elle, GQ, Wonderland, Dazed, Evening Standard, The Guardian, Crack, NME and many more.

The one to watch musician is reclaiming her female power with a fresher new sound for 2021.