Moullinex △ GPU Panic
Sunday 24
Beguiling, romantic synthpop

From the growing Discotexas family comes a new project from label head Moullinex and sparring partner GPU Panic. The ‘’ in their name refers the triangular structure the pair use when performing live, where Guilherme (GPU Panic) acts as the ‘lead vocalist’ for their dreamy, airy electronic compositions. Inspired by Air, Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder, the harmonies of Brazilian pop music and the emotional kick of deep house, the pair write lush, atmospheric synthpop with a romantic tinge. And while Luís (Moullinex) spent much of his childhood staring at the stars, dreaming of space travel and faraway worlds, today their music is also perfectly at home here on earth, on the dancefloor too. Catch one of the most beguiling Portuguese live acts of recent years on their home turf at Sónar Lisboa 2024.