Can I buy tickets on the door? 
Subject to availability for each session of Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night, tickets will be available for purchase in person at the Sónar Lisboa Ticket Office, located near the entrance to Pavilhão Carlos Lopes. Opening hours:

Thursday 30th March - 10am - 8pm
Friday 31st March - 10am - 5am 
Saturday 1st April - 10am - 5am 
Sunday 2nd April - 10am - 1am 

I haven't received an email confirmation. What should I do?
Your tickets are securely stored in the DICE app and you won't receive them by mail. What you will receive is an email confirming your purchase, but if you haven't received it, it may be in your spam folder, or you may have entered an email with a typo. If you need to double-check, please contact DICE via the app and they'll be able to help. If the purchase was made on DICE, you can see the conditions of purchase here: dicefm.zendesk.com.

How can I get in touch with the helpdesk?
The best way to contact DICE is via the app. Simply click on any of your tickets and scroll down to "Need help?". You can also use their online form here or contact by e-mail via help@dice.fm.

What if I change my phone number? Do I lose my tickets?
Don't worry, if you change your number and cannot access the DICE account you used to buy tickets, get in touch with DICE and send them your old number, new number and your date of birth. With this information, they will be able to update your details so that you can see your ticket in the app again.

Can I change or cancel a ticket I've bought?
Once a purchase has been made, changes are not allowed.

Types of ticket

What tickets can I buy for Sónar Lisboa 2023?

There are three ticket types available for Sónar Lisboa 2023:

Full Pass - provides access to all of Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night in Pavilhão Carlos Lopes and Estufa Fria from Friday 31st March to Sunday 2nd April. 

Sónar by Night Individual Ticket - provides access to all Sónar by Night performances for the selected night (either Friday 31st March or Saturday 1st April) in Pavilhão Carlos Lopes and Estufa Fria.

Sónar by Day Individual Ticket - provides access to all Sónar by Day performances for the selected day (either Saturday 1st April or Sunday 2nd April) in Pavilhão Carlos Lopes. 

I’d like to attend both Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night on Saturday 1st April. What ticket do I need?

If you want to attend both Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night on Saturday 1st April, you will need to purchase two individual tickets: one Sónar by Day Saturday ticket and one Sónar by Night Saturday ticket.

What time does Sónar Lisboa 2023 start and end?

Sónar by Night Friday 31st March: 10pm until 6am
Sónar by Day Saturday 1st April: 2pm until 10pm
*Last entry: 9pm
Sónar by Night Saturday 1st April: 10pm until 6am
Sónar by Day Sunday 2nd April: 2pm until 2am


What is SonarCashless?
SonarCashless is the only method of payment accepted at the festival. Top up your wristband from your smartphone, or using card or cash at a SonarCashless point, and use it to pay at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night.

Where do I pick up my wristband?
At the Check-in points at Sónar by Day or Sónar by Night where you will exchange your entrance ticket for a wristband. Take care of your SonarCashless wristband - it contains money and Sónar is not responsible for its loss or misplacement. Your SonarCashless wristband is personal and non-transferable. Sónar reserves the right to decline wristbands that have been cut, pulled off or otherwise visibly manipulated.

Can I top up my SonarCashless wristband?
Yes, at both Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night.

Can I top-up my wristband before the festival?
You can top up your wristband online before and during the festival from 22/03 at 16h to 03/04 at 02h (all times GMT). If you top up in advance, when you arrive at the festival and complete your check-in, your wristband will be automatically loaded with the amount you’ve added online. Full information on how to top up online in advance is available here.

Can I top up my wristband online during the festival?
Yes, once the festival starts you will be able to top up your wristband using your smartphone.

Where can I top up my wristband during the festival?
You can top up your wristband using either your smartphone, or at any of the SonarCashless points located at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night.

Is my wristband balance valid at both Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night?

Can I top up the wristband with any amount?
You can only top up in multiples of 5€.

Can I check my wristband balance or see what transactions have been made? How?
Yes. You can check your wristband balance at any time either on your smartphone or at any SonarCashless point.

What if I break the wristband?
Go to the customer service desk at any SonarCashless point and show us your broken wristband. We will replace it with a new one. We can only replace your wristband and maintain your existing balance if you’ve kept the plastic piece that contains the chip on the strap.

What happens if I lose the piece of plastic from the strap?
In this case the wristband would be considered worthless, because this contains the chip where all data is stored. In such cases, the wristband is considered lost or stolen.

What if I lose my wristband?
If you lose the wristband you will also lose your balance. To obtain a new wristband you will have to go to the customer service desk at any SonarCashless point and we will give you a new wristband at no additional cost but you will need to top it up.

Is the wristband waterproof?

Is there a cost associated with the wristband?


Can I obtain my wristband before the festival?
Yes, from Thursday March 30th at 10h, you will be able to do the wristband exchange at the box office of Pavilhão Carlos Lopes.

Can I recover the money remaining on the wristband when I leave the festival?
Yes, you can claim back any unused cash left on your wristband online after the festival. From Wednesday 5th April at 16h you’ll be able to cash-out here.

All matters regarding cashless should be addressed through this email (starting on Monday)

Lost & Found

I lost an item during the festival, where can I go to see if it has been found?

Lost & Found items will be taken to the Sónar Lisboa Ticket Office at the entrance of Pavilhão Carlos Lopes. The Lost & Found will be open from 10am - 7am on Friday 31st March and Saturday 1st April, and from 10am - 3am on Sunday 2nd April.

Any items that are not collected will be taken to the Lisboa Police following the festival and entered into their lost property system.

5a Divisão Policial de Lisboa
Edifício da P.S.P, 
Av. Cel. Eduardo Galhardo, 
1170-105 Lisboa


Food and Drink

Can I buy food at Sónar Lisboa?

Yes, there will be a food area located outside of Pavilhão Carles Lopes. All payments will be taken using your SonarCashless wristband.  

Are there vegetarian and vegan options available?

Yes, both vegan and vegetarian options will be available. For more information, check the individual restaurants here:



Ninja Buns

Truck 33

Cachorro à Portuguesa 

Are cups reusable at Sónar Lisboa?

Yes, cups at Sónar Lisboa are designed to be reused and kept throughout the festival. There is a 1€ charge for the cup, but afterwards you can use it throughout the festival. If you’d like a fresh cup at any moment, just ask at the bar for them to replace it, free of charge.