I haven't received an email confirmation. What should I do?
Your tickets are securely stored in the DICE app and you won't receive them by mail. What you will receive is an email confirming your purchase, but if you haven't received it, it may be in your spam folder, or you may have entered an email with a typo. If you need to double-check, please contact DICE via the app and they'll be able to help. If the purchase was made on DICE, you can see the conditions of purchase here: dicefm.zendesk.com.

How can I get in touch with the helpdesk?
The best way to contact DICE is via the app. Simply click on any of your tickets and scroll down to "Need help?". You can also use their online form here or contact by e-mail via help@dice.fm.

What if I change my phone number? Do I lose my tickets?
Don't worry, if you change your number and cannot access the DICE account you used to buy tickets, get in touch with DICE and send them your old number, new number and your date of birth. With this information, they will be able to update your details so that you can see your ticket in the app again.

Can I change or cancel a ticket I've bought?
Once a purchase has been made, changes are not allowed.