Patrick Mason


  • Saturday 01 00:30 - 01:50

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub by Estrella Damm

The new sound of Berlin house and techno

Style icon, DJ, producer, fashion designer, film-maker… Patrick Mason is one of the most vibrant personalities in current house and techno. The Bavarian is part of a new generation of Berlin DJs shaped by their experiences and encounters on the city’s many dancefloors, building bridges between the past and present of club culture. (Mason’s intergenerational collaboration with Berlin stalwart Radio Slave as SRVD is a neat example).    In the booth, his inner club kid surfaces as he vogues, spins and struts while seamlessly mixing classic cuts - his passion for Chicago house is evident - with new-school releases. A sensational set is on the cards at Sónar by Night.