Enrico Sangiuliano


  • Saturday 01 03:05 - 04:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub by Estrella Damm

Peerless, timeless techno

Enrico Sangiuliani’s sound is made in the studio, but conceived on the dancefloor. The former audio engineer developed his signature style of deep, trance-infused techno as a ‘closing’ DJ, when he played the early hours of raves in Emilia-Romagna in his native Italy. He channelled these memories in a series of stunning releases - starting in 2016 with ‘X-Pollination’- that saw him become Beatport’s top-selling techno artist for three years in a row. He comes to Sónar Lisboa as one of the genre’s biggest names, mixing timeless techno and precise sound design in his DJ sets.