SonarCashless Terms & Conditions

  1. Free credit is only available with Online vouchers.
  2. Paid credit must be spent before free credit will be activated.
  3. Free credit is not refundable.
  4. No activation fee when redeeming a cashless voucher.
  5. Free credit can be spent at all cashless locations except the wine merchant.
  6. Onsite Top ups will incur a first time & only time activation fee of €2.50, this includes your first cup, when you return your cup, you will receive €1 back. Sónar Lisboa is a eco friendly festival, all cups will be exchanged every time you request and when you don't need your cup, you can claim a refund at the Sónar Cup Refund stations at all venues.
  7. Every customer is entitled to a refund after the event for any credit which isn’t spent throughout the festival. Please note, this refund link will be posted across Sónar Lisboa 2022 social media pages.
  8. For every refund processed €1 bank charge will be incurred and will be deducted from the credit left on your wristband.
  9. Refunds will open from Wednesday 13th April 09h00 until Midnight on Sunday 17th April 2022, customers can claim a refund for the amount left on their wristband between these dates only.
  10. All refunds must be applied for by Midnight on Sunday 17th April 2022 after which you will not be able to apply for any leftover funds on your wristband.
  11. Unclaimed Cashless Credit Vouchers may be refunded during the refund period only.
  12. Refunds can take 2-5 working days to process depending on your location and bank account type
  13. There are no onsite refunds