The only method of payment on Sónar Lisboa


Important information

  • The only method of payment on Sónar Lisboa is the SonarCashless wristband;
  • Upon using the SonarCashless system, the individual implicitly accepts the terms and conditions;
  • The SonarCashless wristband will be given at the festival check-in upon ticket validation;
  • A fee of 2.50€ will be charged to activate the SonarCashless wristband, debited on the first top up, offering 1 cup and 1 token.
  • The cup can be returned at the Cup Refund Points. Your 1€ deposit will be given back if the cup is accompanied by the respective token.
  • After receiving your wristband, Sónar Lisboa cannot take responsibility for loss or damage.

Top up your wristband at any SonarCashless point

  • You can use cash, debit cards, or credit cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card, and American Express).
  • The minimum amount is 5€ and the maximum is 300€.
  • You can only recharge in multiples of 5€ (e.g.: 5€, 10€, 15€, 20€...).
  • You can use and recharge the SonarCashless as many times as necessary.

Pay at Sónar Lisboa using your wristband (Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night, and Sónar + D)

  • Payment of drinks, food, merchandising, and cloakroom service will be made via the SonarCashless wristband.

Request a VAT invoice

  • A VAT invoice should be requested upon the act of consuming and not at the moment of recharging the SonarCashless.

Reclaim the money not spent on your wristband

  • The unspent money on the SonarCashless refund must be made between April 13 and 17 here.
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  • A fee of 1€ will be charged due to the transfer cost

For any other information, please contact

Remember that...

  • You can check your wristband balance at any bar in Sónar Lisboa
  • To avoid the activation fee, purchase online the SonarCashless vouchers in advance here.
  • You must keep your wristband after the closing of Sónar Lisboa. It is necessary to refund the unspent money;
  • Your SonarCashless wristband is personal and non-transferrable. Sónar Lisboa reserves the right to decline wristbands that are cut, pulled off or visibly manipulated;
  • Any complaints regarding the SonarCashless wristband must be sent to

Reusable cup

  • When the SonarCashless wristband is activated, a free cup and 1 token are provided.
  • Don't forget that you should hand your empty cup to the bar instead of leaving it on the floor.
  • If you lose your cup you will have to acquire a new one.
  • Your cup can be replaced as often as required without any additional cost.
  • Before leaving the venue do not forget to return the cup, along with 1 token, at the Cup Refund Point. A credit of 1€ will be made on your wristband.

Cup + 1 token = 1€ credit on your wristband.