What is Sónar+D?

Sónar+D is the international congress of Sónar Festival, exploring creativity as the driving force for change in the 21st century. Today, the ideas, languages, and tools that emerge from creative communities have deep impacts that go beyond art. From technological innovation to business to social change, all industries and sectors are being transformed by the capacity of creators to inspire and explore new worlds.


The conference will run from 12:00 until 18:30 PM and will feature figures from a wide array of disciplines: artists, journalists, scientists, researchers, technologists and more.


The Sónar+D Exhibition will occupy three buildings at the Hub Criativo do Beato. Fabrica de Moagem on EGEAC building will host a site-specific immersive sound piece by Alessandro Cortini, while Factory Lisboa will exhibit a selection of 10 digital works by international and Portuguese artists. Finally, Confeitaria on Startup Lisboa Beato building will be the setting for a large-scale installation created by Artworks and the Porto artistic collective berru.


AV Shows

Live music experiences that arise from the interaction between creativity, music, technology and innovation. The AV shows will take place at Fabrica do Pāo on Startup Lisboa Beato building.
The AV shows draw inspiration from nature: from hurricanes to unicellular organisms to vanishing stars. They reflect on societal concerns like climate change or data surveillance, whilst exploring the interaction of music and image.