Sónar+D: Stefanos Levidis, Renata Ávila, Gaëtan Robillard and Violeta Vasileva

  • Friday 08 14:05 - 14:45

    Sónar by Day - Factory Auditorium

Art and freedom of expression in the age of disinformation

Even today, freedom of expression in the arts can still come at a price: harassment, imprisonment, and even death. And it can happen even where we least expect it. In 2015 Greek rapper and antifa activist Pavlos Fyssas was killed by members of the neo-nazi organisation and then-parliamentary party Golden Dawn. This event is the subject of the Forensic Architecture piece “The Murder of Pavlos Fyssas” which is exhibited at Sónar+D Lisboa.

At the very same time, 2022 is part of the age of disinformation, where information bubbles are the perfect breeding ground for fake news, half-truths and plain propaganda to spread like a virus, infecting even the most analytical minds.

Join researcher and visual practitioner Stefanos Levidis, project coordinator at Forensic Architecture, where he oversees the agency's work on borders and migration, and who was in charge of the Pavlos Fyssas investigation; Renata Avila, international lawyer, author and advocate, CEO of the Open Knowledge Foundation; and Gaëtan Robillard, media artist and professor, whose transdisciplinary work, includes research on how disinformation, much like inoculation in biology, can build immunity for the audience.

This talk will be moderated by Violeta Vasileva, international projects manager at Artshare, a Portuguese based agency where she develops works on cross-cutting projects that bring artistic concepts through technology for economic, social and business impact.

This panel is presented by S+T+ARTS