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Sónar+D: Marco Mezquida "Piano + AI"

  • Friday 08 17:00 - 17:45

    Sónar by Day - Startup Lisboa Beato - Fábrica do Pão

Marco Mezquida Piano AI with Iván Paz, Philippe Salembier, Josep Maria Comajuncoses and Shelly

This show brings together an eminence of jazz and classical piano with a custom AI, in a co-creation between Sónar and  Barcelona’s UPC.

The show, entitled “Piano + AI” will promote a live ‘conversation’ between the piano and artificial intelligence, using real-time audio analysis and digital sound synthesis. 

A virtuoso pianist, at home with both classical music and jazz, and an excellent improviser, throughout his career Marco Mezquida has played with instrumentalists of all genres, and this time, his collaborator on stage will be an AI.

Marco Mezquida "Piano + AI" is a co-creation project with scientists and engineers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) who have developed an artificial intelligence instrument that recognizes the different techniques of the pianist and responds in real-time with different synthesized soundscapes, generating a feedback loop between the pianist and the artificial intelligence.

The piece has been co-created with UPC scientists Philippe Salembier and Iván Paz and the musicians Josep Maria Comajuncosas and Joan Canyelles (Shelly) have designed the soundscapes that are triggered by the AI.