AV Shows

Sónar+D: Maotik and Maarten Vos

  • Saturday 09 18:00 - 18:45

    Sónar by Day - Startup Lisboa Beato - Fábrica do Pão

Erratic Weather

The Lisbon-based French digital artist Maotik, known for his immersive multimedia environments, turns his attention to climate change and its effects on the weather which is becoming increasingly erratic. This live digital work aims to represent the changing atmospheric conditions using real-time data from various sources of weather information to generate an immersive visual and sonic experience: the surround live soundscape is by the Dutch cellist, composer and producer Marteen Vos.
The audience will experience the life cycle swirling phenomena like a typhoon, a hurricane or a tropical cyclone, demonstrating the devastating power of nature and the emergency to preserve it.