Sónar+D: D-Fuse - Nine Earths

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    Sónar by Day - Factory Lisbon

Nine Earths

three-screen video installation with stereo sound | 25 min | 2022

A better world doesn’t begin with me, but with all of us,” writes Rutger Bregman in his book Humankind: A Hopeful History that explores how we might harness the inherent goodness of humanity to improve our world. D-Fuse, a collective of audiovisual innovators, have built on that simple yet profound statement with Nine Earths – an environmental documentary that looks into the relationship between our collective and individual habits and the future of our planet.
Eschewing typical climate imagery and overwhelming scientific data, D-Fuse have drawn on their background as pioneers of VJing to weave together everyday stories and observations from around the world. Mike Faulkner, the artist who founded D-Fuse in the mid-1990s, has harnessed the power of his neurodivergence to embrace alternative ways of storytelling and presenting research findings. In concert with leading climate scientists and over a hundred international collaborators, D-Fuse have adopted the climate justice lens to take audiences on an audiovisual journey that delves into the accelerating global consumption—the driving cause of climate change.
The result is a powerful piece of collective film-making that not only sounds the alarm on climate change, but also demonstrates how interlinked our societies and lives have become. That is what makes Nine Earths highly distinctive—in a time of gloom and doom, D-Fuse’s immersive documentary is as alarmist as it is empowering.
Nine Earths is supported by the British Council’s Creative Commissions programme, a series of creative commissions exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology as part of The Climate Connection global initiative.

Director, Artist, Creator: Mike Faulkner
Producer: Marek Wolynski
Music Composer: Robin Rimbaud – Scanner
Design and Animation Optimization: Ben Sheppee – Observatory Creative
Research and Concept Advisor: Kevin Walker
Climate Change Advisor: Mark Maslin