Nina Kraviz


  • Saturday 09 04:30 - 06:00

    Sónar by Night - Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

By Night/Saturday 9 April/Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

Nina Kraviz is truly one of a kind. Throughout her career, she’s shown an uncanny ability to balance global superstardom with an ear for experimentation and boundary-pushing sounds. Her resumé as a DJ is untouchable - there’s barely a location in the world that she hasn’t played - with each set tailored to the crowd, mood and setting: from slick techno through rough hardcore and spaced-out trance. She’s as comfortable playing relentless, big-room acid as she is mixing it up with experimental sounds, perhaps taken from the roster of one of her two labels - трип and Galaxiid. We don’t quite know what her set at Sónar Lisboa might sound like. We can be sure that it will be perfectly tailored, memorable and absolutely distinctive.