Jayda G


  • Sunday 10 20:50 - 22:15

    Sónar by Day - Pavilhão Carlos Lopes by Estrella Damm

By Day/Sunday 10 April/Pavilhão Carlos Lopes by Estrella Damm

Jayda G’s party starting sets may seem effortless, but in reality they’re the result of her almost professorial approach to dance music history. Having spent a decade djing the choicest cuts of disco, rare groove and proto house, she’s now one of the go-to artists for turning up the temperature on a dance floor - as evidenced by her set at the UK’s recent test event at Liverpool’s Circus. All of this knowledge has fed into her own productions, which strike the perfect balance between lo-fi glamour, old-school Chicago house and big room bangers such as the Grammy nominated ‘Both of Us’. Quite simply, there’s no-one better placed to celebrate the return to raving in the open air.